At Enterprise Wellness we have a network of consultants and advisers who are well placed to help you make the best decision for your business. Whether you need help with starting out, getting a business loan or funding, or need help with your end of year accounts, our consultants can help.

Business Advice

Business Start-Up Advice – Starting a new business is an exciting prospect, but it can also be daunting and you may need support along the way. At Enterprise Wellness we can provide a wide array of services providing bespoke advice and guidance in all aspects of starting your new business, e.g. company information, business planning, finance, sales marketing and building a successful brand.

Business Advice – Not sure about how best to grow your business? Our expert consultants can give you bespoke advice and diagnostic services to assist business owners to assess and identify key issues, overcome specific challenges, scale up and grow their business.

Business Planning​​

Every company needs a business plan, and this can be overlooked amid the process of running a business. A business plan is an essential tool, whether you’re a new start-up looking to secure finance or an established company looking to review the direction of your business. All our business plans are bespoke to the individual business, and at Enterprise Wellness we offer two levels of support that are bespoke to the individual business:

Advice and guidance in how to produce a Business plan – top tips and templates
Production of Business Plan- including support through planning process, resulting in high-quality bespoke Business Plan for your business.

Business Healthchecks

When running your own business, it is easy to become so focused on your staff, customers or suppliers that you forget to make plans for the future. Our Independent Business Consultant will help you to cover this, taking on specific health checks and reviews that are bespoke to your business. This may arise following initial business advice, or the need may already be identified e.g.:

Operational Effectiveness / Profitability Review
Procurement & Resourcing
Risk Assessment
Quality Review
Leadership & Governance.

Managing Your Finances

Enterprise Wellness offers a full range of financial management services for small and medium-sized businesses. We are able to provide whatever level of advice or support you may require, from simple advice on income generation or investment opportunities to a complete bookkeeping, accountancy, HMRC and taxation service. All our financial consultants are ACCA, AAT-qualified.

Four elements of support:
     – Financial Management & Accountancy
     – Income generation / investment opportunities
     – HMRC Advice & Tax Efficiency
     – Returns – Tax,  Company, Self Assessments.

Marketing / Branding your Business

In today’s competitive market, identifying and retaining customers has never been more important. When it comes to deciding how to market and brand your business, it can be overwhelming to say the least. Our expert consultants can help you target your marketing options to help you achieve your specific business objectives and help you achieve that all-important competitive edge and a better return on investment.

Our objectives include:

– Development of a Marketing Strategy, covering price product, place and promotion
– Marketing materials, tools and advice
– Using media for marketing purposes.

Ongoing Marketing & PR services to support SME’s.

Business Start Up in the Health & Social Care Sector

It is important for new start-ups in the Health & Social Care Sector to be equipped with sufficient specialist knowledge, and at Enterprise Wellness we offer events and seminars to support your business. 

We can bring specialist knowledge of working locally in the third sector, e.g.:

– Business Planning – why it is important and how to create a successful business plan
– Managing your Finances – financial records and book keeping, raising money and funding
– Marketing / Building your Brand – market research, your unique selling point, developing a marketing plan and using social media to market your business
– Building Relationships with Commissioners – understanding the role of commissioners, processes and priorities and practical tips to identify and build key commissioning relationships.


Mental wellbeing and a unified spirit are essential ingredients in a business, and it is important to ensure that all staff can work well together. 

We offer a delivery of training programmes, e.g.:

– Professional Boundaries
– Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
– Human & Disability Rights
– Mental Health Awareness
– Learning Disability Awareness

Quality Assurance

Maintaining a high level of quality is key to the continued success of a business, and we can help you to prevent your company’s Quality Standard from slipping away from your target level. Our consultants can provide a report of findings and advise you on how best to proceed forward.

Investment and Wealth Management

Ensuring your business makes a profit is an obvious priority, but being able to invest money and manage the company’s wealth is equally important. At Enterprise Wellness we offer workshops and seminars, as well as bespoke consultancy, to help you build an effective investment strategy and protect your wealth.

Entering Into New Markets

Expanding your business’ operations into overseas’ territories is an exciting step, and our consultants can help you to achieve a smooth transition and to develop and broker joint ventures, as well as growing your business overseas. We will also help you to prepare for the substantial change in business climate which will be brought about by Brexit.

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