Our Services

Financial Wellness

Services include;

– Business Advice

– Business planning

– Business Healthchecks

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Workplace Wellness Services

Providing a range of workplace wellness services to improve well-being in the workplace which will help you manage absenteeism, improve well-being and increase productivity.

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Personal Wellness Services

Providing advice, guidance and support to explore options, focus thoughts, and enable you to make more well-rounded decisions and take a proactive approach to your business.

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Contracted Services

EWL is the body that manages the Healthwatch Harrow contract, which has legal mandate under the provision of the Health and Social Care Act (2012) to be an independent voice of local people.

Healthwatch Harrow is responsible for improving and shaping local health and social care in Harrow by championing concerns about health and social care provision based on focused engagement, signposting and monitoring and scrutiny activities gathered from the diverse Harrow residents in both the working and business community.

For more information please go to the website www.healthwatchharrow.co.uk or telephone 020 3432 2889.

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