Coaching & Mentoring

There can be little time to coach and mentor employees when running a business, and we can help to provide a service to enhance skills, knowledge and performance. We will help you to make more informed decisions and become more proactive in running your business, resulting in increased profits, contact building and professional development.

Coaching and mentoring for individuals to enhance skills, knowledge and performance. Providing advice, guidance and support to explore options, focus thoughts, and enable you to make more well-rounded decisions and take a proactive approach to your business.

Key benefits:
– Improved profitability for your business
– Professional development
– Opportunity to overcome personal challenges
– One to one independent / impartial support
– Introduction of new contacts

Techniques for Wellbeing

Establishing the correct techniques for improving Wellbeing can be problematic, and may vary from business to business. At Enterprise Wellness we can help to implement key Wellness initiatives including relaxation tools, yoga and lifestyle workshops

Delivery of key Wellness Initiatives e.g.,
– Mindfulness for stress
– Relaxation Tools
– Yoga
– Lifestyle Workshops

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