Bringing Business and Communities Together


“To contribute to personal and economic wellbeing of all our customers, individuals and businesses alike”


“To be a leading provider of value added workplace wellness services and solutions for individuals and growing businesses”


“To be passionate and competitive about our business and value our relationship with our stakeholders, partners, customers and beneficiaries and deliver our services with the highest standards of care and integrity”
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Working in collaboration with Brunel University, Enterprise Wellness Limited (EWL) hosted a number of networking events primarily focused on Workplace Wellness, also engaging with the Greater London Authority, in the promotion of the Healthy Workplace Charter. The aim of these networking events was to develop personal and business connections for small and medium-sized businesses and to raise awareness of EWL and the opportunities of working with EWL and the Co-Innovate Programme.

We believe that

  • Wellbeing shapes short, medium and longer-term aspirations and goals.
  • Communities depend on business, whether in the private, public or voluntary sector to create and provide jobs, training and trade opportunities, locally and globally.
  • Individuals and businesses are more competitive and creative when they are aware of the factors that affect their own and others’ Mind, Body and Soul!
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