Health and Wellbeing in SMEs

Are you an owner, manager and / or representative of an SME? Are you willing to talk about how SMEs can improve health and wellbeing?                                                                            We are looking to recruit owners, managers and / or representatives within SMEs for the research project “Health and Wellbeing in SMEs”.

The research will involve participating in 2 to 3 co-design workshops in November. Each workshop will be around 2 hours in length and will take place at the Hamilton Centre at Brunel University London.

The purpose of our research study is to explore facilitators and barriers to enhancing health and wellbeing in SMEs and to identify and co-design possible interventions to improve and maintain health and wellbeing in SMEs.

The research is co-organised between Co-Innovate Journeys, Brunel University London and Enterprise Wellness.

We will focus on strategies and the organisation of health and wellbeing in SMEs. The workshops will consider:

• DISCOVERY: exploring the barriers and facilitators to health and wellbeing

• DEFINE: defining the requirements and aspirations that any health and wellbeing interventions can fulfil

• DEVELOP: developing innovative solutions to enhance health and wellbeing


Participation is entirely voluntary. If you decide to take part, you will be provided with a participant information sheet that explains more about the research. You will be asked to provide informed consent before the start of the workshop


For more information about the research study please contact:


Dr Wendy Martin (Brunel University London):

Ash Verma, Chair, Enterprise Wellness:

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