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Health and Wellbeing in SMEs

Are you an owner, manager and / or representative of an SME? Are you willing to talk about how SMEs can improve health and wellbeing?

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22nd May 2018

Financial Wellness Conference - Saint James Place and Octopus Investments Partnership

This was a bespoke seminar for a small group of successful SMEs looking to understand how best to protect their hard earned wealth as part of their inheritance tax planning and future investment needs and options.

16th May 2018

Enterprise Wellness Workplace Wellness Forum

Opportunity to explore wellness initiatives in the workplace.   Looking at health related issues for example Diabetes and how they affect our wellbeing.

25th April 2018

Co-innovate Brexit and doing business with India Conference

Asking the question are you ready to export your product or service?

The conference discussed such matters as sustainable growth rates, favourable demographics, liberalisation of free trade policies and greater ease of doing business.

19th April 2018

Co-innovate Workplace Wellness Conference

Looking at why the health of your business and employees is important. 

Highly engaged organisations have the potential to reduce staff turnover by 87% and improve performance by 20%.

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