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Engagement ConneX

Engagement Connex is a part of Community ConneX Ltd which manages a range of services and Engagement Projects commissioned by Local Authorities, CCG, businesses, and other providers.

Our role is to engage with clients, staff, providers, and external stakeholders to provide a voice, gather intelligence to help inform:

Campaigning activity
Service design & delivery
Service improvement through review and audit

Our key objectives are to:

Develop and implement engagement models to ensure the voice of individuals is heard
Capture intelligence to inform campaigning and service improvement, design and delivery
Plan and deliver commissioned engagement projects.
Engagement is undertaken in numerous ways to fit the needs of the organisation, the people and the environment in which we are operating. We can utilise online sessions, question and answer panels, forums, workshops, surveys etc. The key elements are to provide safe environment where people feel free to express their views. We also undertaken engagement activities to raise awareness around certain key topical matters such as the COVID vaccine. Our team is flexible and can adapt our engagement model to suit your needs.
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